Good Website Standards

Good Website Standards

It’s not a piece of cake to create a good website.

First, a good website needs to be user-friendly. Nowadays, the majority of people use mobile devices like smartphones to surf the Net. So, your first mission is to provide the best visual effect on devices of different sizes (e.g. tablets and smartphones) so that your website would fulfill the criteria of having a Responsive Web Design.

Second, you have to pay attention to your website’s loading speed. Most sites lose half their visitors while loading.Many website owners neglect the sizes of the uploaded pictures and files, which have an immense impact on the loading speed of the website. To minimize the waiting time for the visitors, you need to make the sizes of your pictures and programme codes as small as possible.

Lastly, you have to bear in mind that important messages should be placed in a prominent position so that no one would miss them. If your website fulfilled the above criteria, it is basically a good website!

Here are some places for loading speed tests:

  1. Google – PageSpeed Insights

  1. Google – Test your mobile speed

  1. pingdom

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