Good News for Retailers!

Good News for Retailers!

As a brand new year begins, Google SEM also start anew! Google has added a new feature called “Promotion Extension”. Without doubt, it can help advertisers to seize the enormous potential business opportunities on festivals and holidays.

When it comes to festivals, of course you have to be present to join the celebration, but gift is also a must! Therefore, retail turnovers are predictably high before festivals. Thus, retailers would utilize their aces in the hole to maximize their profits. Promotion is definitely one of their secret weapons.

As early as the end of 2016, Google has been testing Promotion Extension in text ads. Advertisers can feature special offers in their texts ads with the extension. Fortunately, the long-awaited Promotion Extension finally came online in late 2017!

As the name implies, Promotion Extension aims at helping advertisers to showcase and highlight their promotions, and draw the users’ attention by making the text ad more noticeable.

Let’s have a brief walkthrough of the most incredible characteristics of Promotion Extension!

  1. An eye-catching Promotion Extension will show beneath your text ad
  2. Flexible Scheduling: You can choose to show your promotion extensions within the provided occasions, or specify dates and time on a customized basis
  3. You can specify monetary discount or percent discount in the Promotion Extension
  4. You can insert requirements that best describe your promotional offer, e.g. promotion code or spending limit

It is worth noticing that Promotion Extension has amazing results in the foreign countries (drives a higher CTR). I wonder how would it perform in Hong Kong!

Hope you enjoy this piece~

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