Why is website vital for every business?

In the digital era, the (consumption pattern / consumer behaviour???) has changed. Before choosing products or services, customers would automatically browse the Internet in advance to look for information and reviews about them.

5星期,讓你變身金牌Digital Marketer!

理論與實戰兼備 · 不再紙上談兵 · 贏曬傳統Marketing Course!

We can Shop Directly on Instagram?

No doubt, Hong Kong people are familiar with Instagram Stores. Yet, not everyone knows that Instagram has opened up a new feature - Shoppable Post. That’s because this feature is not available in Hong Kong at the moment.

Google further dilutes exact match in Adwords

In March 2017, Google announced to further dilute exact match in Adwords by including variations in word order and function words (such as conjunctions, prepositions, etc.)