AD-Linkage Introduction

Found in 2005, AD-Linkage Limited is a leading digital marketing solution provider that offers a full range of integrated, compelling, and effective tailor-made online marketing solutions to SMEs and organizations in Hong Kong. Cultivated many years in the industry with hard work, AD-Linkage now represents “professionalism,” “innovation,” and “reliability.” Based on the philosophy of “Business” thereby “Teaching”, we want to share our knowledge and experiences in the industry. We cherish that good examples and practices are the essence of education. AD-Linkage has compiled and structured the areas of the curriculum in a practical and systematic way and has integrated the digital marketing knowledge systematically and academically, which previously was lack of in the industry.

AD-Linkage has hit another milestone in 2008 – we have become the recognized course provider under the Hong Kong Government’s Continuing Education Fund (CEF). Currently, AD-Linkage offers the tailor-made course for “Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing” for NGOs, and Corporates. The curriculum in digital marketing content can also be tailored to meet the business needs of the company.


AD-Linkage has been actively providing professional training to potential candidates who would like to become a talent in the field of digital marketing and introducing digital marketing education to companies in Hong Kong.


To help the industry nurture and enhance digital marketing professionals and to help the enterprises apply digital marketing techniques and strategies in a dynamic and flexible way.


We have a strong moral attitude, cherish knowledge, talent, and creativity, strive for excellence, and endeavor to provide quality education and services with professional standards and commitments.

Why choose us?

  • an institute you can trust – we are a recognized HKSAR Government CEF Institution No. 762
  • Course Content: Career-oriented, with focus on practical trials
  • Instructors will share with you many real business cases, equip you with valuable skill sets and hands-on experience
  • Instructors will explain and demonstrate the digital marketing skills step-by-step in a detailed way to ensure that students can master the necessary digital marketing skills
  • Small-class teaching – students can ask questions anytime, and the instructors can take better care of the students and enhance their in-depth learning
  • Professional and experienced lecturers – they are experts in Digital Marketing
  • You will be able to thoroughly understand a variety of digital marketing solutions: website management, display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing solutions, etc.
  • This is a CEF Reimbursable Course – eligible applicants will be get back 80% of their tuition fee.
  • Make-up classes can be arranged if you are unavailable