What is CDMP?

Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) is the digital marketing course developed by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and professionals in the industry.
It provides comprehensive digital marketing knowledge and enables students to master the most critical skills in the workplace, such as Google Ads, social media marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, etc.

Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) is the world’s first international digital marketing training center. It has trained more than 50,000 digital marketers since 2009.

Why should I take CDMP?

DMI’s strict quality assurance mechanism to CDMP ensures qualification holders’ professionalism in digital marketing. Adding the title “CDMP” to CV, business card, and LinkedIn can help graduates to:

  • Start a career in digital marketing
  • Earn a higher salary
  • Get promotion opportunities
  • Responsible for digital marketing related tasks

*Source: DMI’s 2019 alumni survey, which interviewed 1296 members.

Why apply for CDMP through AD-Linkage Limited?

The course “Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing” (PCPDM) is compared with the ”Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing” (PDDM) course, accredited & confirmed that PCPDM complies with DMI global standards in terms of curriculum design, teaching staff qualifications, resources, and qualification assurance mechanisms. Graduates of PCPDM have the following advantages:

  • Take the only localized CDMP course in HK
  • The examination fee is only HKD 6,000, the most affordable one in HK
  • Additional 6-hour pre-test preparation to master exam key points
  • PCPDM can be funded by Continuing Education Fund or RTTP.
  • Obtains the local QF LV4 qualification “Digital Marketing Practical Professional Certificate” and the international qualification “CDMP” in one course.

Application details

If students want to apply for the CDMP exam, they should register for the PCPDM first, and fill the form to apply for the CDMP exam qualification, and pay the examination HKD 6,000 before PCPDM commence.

CDMP Participant will get:

  • CDMP complete set of electronic teaching materials
  • CDMP online classroom
  • CDMP Pearson Exam Eligibility (within 24 weeks)
  • DMI Power Membership 12 months
  • 6-hour pre-test preparation class

Test detail:

Students must participate in the pre-test preparation class (6 hours) before attending the CDMP exam.
The exam will be held on the Pearson VUE online system.

Time limit:

3 hours

Assessment method:

Multiple choice, matching (about 200 questions in total)


CDMP topics PCPDM corresponding classes
Introduction to Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Overview
Content Marketing Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing Practical Facebook Marketing
Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization
Paid Search (PPC) with Google Ads Practical Search Engine Marketing
Display and Video Advertising Display Advertising
YouTube Marketing
Email Marketing Email Marketing
Website Optimization Website Development and E-Commerce
Analyze with Google Analytics Practical Google Analytics
Digital Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Overview

PCPDM & CDMP has undergone mutual accreditation & confirmed the topics matched with each other. After completing the PCPDM, students are eligible for the CDMP examination.