Course Date (Intake 32)
08 September 2020 to 13 October 2020

Course Time
Tuesday, Thursday:
19:00 – 22:00

Flat 1201, 12/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Course Fee
HK$12,500 (After CEF subsidized, minimum HK$2,500)

Payment Method
FPS / Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit Machines / Cheque

After finishing the course, you are able to:

  • Establish a higher rating, lower-cost Google Keywords Ad independently and quickly,compared with your competitors
  • Acquire the secret tips of placing Facebook, Instagram Advertisement within the industry
  • Use Facebook to apply Re-Targeting, target the most valuable group of customers
  • Know the golden rules used by the experts of Display Ads & Mobile Ads
  • Apply Google Analytics (GA) to analyze web traffic effectively & profoundly
  • Optimize e-shop SEO settings by yourself, getting higher natural search ranking

This course is suitable for:

  • the owner of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Startups
  • Management
  • Digital Marketer
  • People who are willing to enter into /switch from other industry to the digital marketing industry
  • People who need to manage social media
  • People who are willing to enhance the practical experience within a short period of time.
  • Graduates who are willing to have higher chances of getting an interview
  • People who are planning to be freelancers in the digital marketing industy
  • People who are willing to get out of the traditional sales models
  • Sales / Insurance agents/ Real estate broker
  • Public Relations(PR)/Event planners

Years of work experience

Years of work experience

Course Features

Course Features

Course Content

Lesson 1: Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Email marketing

Getting to know the newest trend of digital marketing and digital marketing channels that are commonly applied in business models. Getting to know more about Email Marketing system, and how to write effective email subjects and contents.

Lesson 2: Website Development, eCommerce

Acquire the basic knowledge of domain name registration, web hosting and website structure, the interrelationships between the website and digital marketing, including strategies of website content design, important notes of landing pages designs, etc.

Lesson 3: Online shopping, online payment

Getting to know online shopping market in Hong Kong, O2O marketing models and common online payment methods, also referring and studying the successful cases of online shopping.

Lesson 4: Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Getting to know more about the difference between SEO and SEM (Google, Yahoo) and the key jargon. Learning how to apply keywords suggestion tools and the standard of Advertisement Quality Score, also the relevance of Advertisement Quality Score, Advertisement Pricing and Advertisement ranking.

Lesson 5: Practical Application of SEM

Google Account setup and practical operation: managing bids, choosing keywords, drafting advertisement, also learning how to increase advertising quality score and lower the bids, back-end data analysis.

Lesson 6: Practical Application of Facebook Marketing

Learning how to set marketing strategies, understanding the advertisement regulations and limitations of Facebook and Instagram. Applying how to search target audience precisely on Facebook & Instagram and the key tips of advertisement settings.

Lesson 7: Practical Application of Facebook Marketing (II)

Learning about re-targeting marketing on Facebook & Instagram via Facebook Pixel, mastering the back-end application of Facebook & Instagram, and understanding the Facebook promotion strategies.

Lesson 8: Content Marketing, Big Data, Youtube Promotion

Sharing about content marketing trends and the successful cases, understanding the integrated effects of Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Social Media Promotion. Getting to know the knowledge of big data analysis & application, also the features of Youtube promotion.

Lesson 9: Display Ads, Mobile Marketing

Learning how to display Ads on high-traffic websites/Mobile apps, understanding their advertisement format, platform and limitations. Also will learn more about mobile marketing advertisement network ,format and how to find target audience precisely and analyze advertisement performance.

Lesson 10: Practical Application of Google Analytics(GA)

Getting to know how to use the website data analysis to restructure online marketing strategy, including the best way to analyse websites, and installing Google Analytics(GA), etc.

Completed the Course and obtain the certificate

After completing the course, students can obtain the certificate issued by Ad-linkage, to certificate professional qualification. This equals to government-recognized Qualification Framework, QF Level 4 Standard.

Apply Now to obtain QF Level 4 qualifications.

*Students need to fulfill the specific requirements (including attendance and scores) to be qualified.

Sharing from Students:

  • Victor
    I am working as a marketer in the Food & Beverage Industry (Restaurant & Bar), but I don't have any knowledge about Google Marketing. Also, I want to improve my marketing skills of other social media platforms, so I applied for the course. I felt it's easy to understand because I have a basic understanding of Facebook Marketing, and the good part is I can apply the skills that I have learned from the course to my career. After I have joined the course, the engagement of my online advertisement has been increased, also can help to attract customers directly. Even under the COVID-19 situation, a lot of restaurants and bars in the Food & Beverage Industry nearly no customers come to their places, but we managed to attract customers to come.
    Catering industry - Marketer
  • Bryan
    I am working in the marketing field, and I realized that Digital Marketing is getting more and more important. Therefore I want to learn more about Digital Marketing, which will help my career development, and if I start my sideline in the future, it will help too! When I nearly finished this course, I got a new job offer. One of the job duties of this job is to help the company to manage Facebook Page & Advertisement. That's what I have learned from the course and I can apply them to my new job.
    Medical industry - Marketing Assistant
  • Sam
    I am a complete beginner in the digital marketing field. After joining this course, a beginner like me is now able to establish Facebook Advertisement independently. Tutors didn't explain in a very complicated way, even for a beginner can easily understand.
    Owner of Employment Agency
  • Vivian
    I am working in a creative media agency. Traditional 4As firms normally are not very familiar with the world of digital /social media networks. But actually, a lot of clients are very interested in Digital Marketing. Therefore, after joining this course, I have basic knowledge about Digital Marketing which helps me to have better communications with my clients.
    Brand Building - Brand Executive
  • Florence
    This course combines with theory and application, it is really helpful on the concept, knowledge, and application part of Digital Marketing. Especially 2 tutors are the experts in the industry, they are able to provide the fastest, and up-to-date market trend and information. Personally, I felt the best thing is, I can share the most updated market trend that I have learned from the class with my career partner.
    Charity - Senior Producer
  • KW
    Nowadays, in the digital generation, traditional marketing is not as effective as digital marketing. Through websites like Google Search Engine that have the amount of a billion web traffic, we can easily deliver business messages like event promotion, product promotion to potential customers. As an Information Technology professional, I joined this course because I want to equip and improve myself. By getting to know the up-to-date concept of Digital marketing, I can understand customers' thoughts better. At the same time, digital marketing brings lots of inspiration to me in the software design area.
    Medical industry - Senior Software Engineer

Course Tutor