Latest Course Date

Latest Course Date
[Intake 4]Certificate In Cross-Border E-Commerce
2022-06-21 to 2022-08-02
Deadline: 2022-06-07
Tuesday : 19:00 - 22:00
Friday : 19:00 - 22:00
8 Eton Tower, Hysan Ave, Causeway Bay
(After CEF subsidized, minimum $2,500)
Payment Method: FPS / Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit Machines / Cheque / BOC Credit Card Installment

After finishing the course, you can:

  • be a shop owner without purchasing stocks – Taobao dropshipping Method
  • sell products by utilizing the new rules of We Media new generations
  • be a KOL host, who can work independently and connect society.
  • set up online teaching courses, start the passive income model.
  • get to know more about the eCommerce business environment in China, grab the chance of starting your own business.
  • acquire the legal knowledge required for overseas businesses, make good use of the advantage of different countries.

This course is suitable for:

  • the owner of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Startups
  • Sales
  • the owner of retail offline stores
  • People who are willing to get out of the traditional sales models
  • People who are planning to be KOL as their freelance job
  • the owner of online shops
  • People who are willing to open online shops
  • Tutors who want to make their classes online

Course Features

Course Features

Course Content

Lesson 1:
Introduction to eCommerce

Getting to know more about the recent development trend of eCommerce platform in China, learning the business models and relevant regulations of each platform, the basic concept that an effective business should have.

Lesson 2:
Tips of practical application for eBay / Amazon

Getting to know more about the flows of goods, also the rating system of sellers & goods on eBay/Amazon, which helps to search the potential products on different online platforms, learning the best way to display goods.

Lesson 3:
Tips of practical application for TaoBao

Understanding the flows and important notes of opening Taobao shops, mastering the basic knowledge required for Taobao back-end operations. Applying the selling skills of “not loading in stocks”, invest the lowest cost on opening shops.

Lesson 4:
Practical Application of online shop – Online Classroom

Holding your courses through live streaming/recording, by making use of the online classroom platform, like QQ Class, lizhi weike, WeChat Class, etc. Also, mastering the practical techniques of promoting online courses.

Lesson 5:
KOL/Live stream/Video

Learning the common techniques of filming, editing and post-production for making TikTok videos, content rating mechanism of TikTok, video content planning process, KOL host live streaming skills, also will introduce other frequently used live-streaming apps.

Lesson 6:
WeChat Official Account Management & Keywords

getting to know the application of Wechat Class, choosing the most suitable keywords, making the audience become customers on WeChat.

Completed the Course and obtain the certificate

After completing the course, students can obtain the certificate issued by Ad-linkage, to certificate professional qualification. This equals to government-recognized Qualification Framework, QF Level 2 Standard.

Apply Now to obtain QF Level 2 qualifications.

*Students need to fulfill the specific requirements (including attendance and scores) to be qualified.

Course Tutor

Mr. Horace Lui

Bachelor of Economics, University of Leicester, UK

Horace Lui is a young, energetic, innovative tutor. He has also obtained the professional qualification as a Google Partner and Google Educator. Horace Lui has over 5-year experience of Digital Marketing, is a knowledgeable, experienced digital marketing expert. He is also a Business Development Director in a well-known digital marketing company.

Horace Lui specializes in the practical application of Digital Marketing, e.g. Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Google Display Network(GDN), etc. He also closely worked with renowned corporations like Esprit, Eco Ring, The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish Limited.

Undoubtedly, Horace Lui is an excellent tutor, who is humorous and is able to explain complicated theories in an understandable way. During the lesson, he always interacts with students and teaches according to the ability of the students. With lively examples to inspire students to think, also through practice application, helping students to apply digital marketing knowledge precisely.