Latest Course Date

Latest Course Date
[Intake 2]Professional Certificate in Performance Marketing for E-commerce
2021-10-07 to 2021-11-01
Deadline: 2021-09-23
Monday : 19:00 - 22:00
Thursday : 19:00 - 22:00
Flat 1201, 12/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(After CEF subsidized, minimum $6,000)
Payment Method: FPS / Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit Machines / Cheque


After finishing the course, you can:

  • master the technique of using application tools in E-commerce
  • increasing the performance marketing knowledge and analytic ability individually
  • formulating creative performance marketing idea
  • using application tools (including analytic software, E-shop establishment, Facebook Catalog, Google Shopping Ad, retargeting software etc.)

Who should Apply?

This course is suitable for

  • the owner of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Startups
  • Performance manager
  • Traditional digital marketer
  • Sales / Insurance agents/ Real estate broker
  • People who are no E-commerce experience person
  • People who are willing to enter into /switch from other industry to the digital marketing industry
  • People who need to manage social media
  • People who are willing to enhance the practical experience within a short period of time.
  • Graduates who are willing to have higher chances of getting an interview
  • People who are planning to be freelancers in the digital marketing industry
  • People who are willing to get out of the traditional sales models
  • Sales / Insurance agents/ Real estate broker
  • Public Relations (PR)/Event planners

Course Features


RTTP Funded

PCPPME is currently registered under the RTTP scheme.

Small Class Teaching

We believe small-class teaching provide students with a better learning environment by giving more interaction between student and lecturer.

Practical chance

We provide the chance to student set up E-shop, design Google shopping Ads and Facebook product catalog.

Practical Experience Sharing

We believe sharing practical experience is vital to our students in getting themselves ready to the market challenges

Complete in 30 hours

We offer Intakes on a regular basis and completed in 30 hours only

Flexible Make-up Classes

We offer free make-up classes if student fail to attend the classes.

Online learning

We allow all the student to finish the course by online (expect the examination date)

Professional Lectures

Our professional lectures are used to be performance manager in Hong Kong digital marketing company, they will share their own experience and knowledge to help student.

Performance skills

We equip you with performance marketing skills that you need in the market especially for E-commerce business and social media advertising, the two major advertising mediums currently in the market.

Couse Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to performance marketing in E-commerce

Getting to know the newest trend of performance marketing.

Lesson 2: E-shop set up and development (1)

Sharing about the E-shop benefits and successful cases of E-commerce.

Lesson 3: E-shop set up and development (2)

Using the open source to boost the E-shop function and design.

Lesson 4: Google Shopping Ads (1)

Getting to know Google Shopping Ads.

Lesson 5: Google Shopping Ads (2)

Applying those strategies in Google Shopping Ads to boost the sales performance.

Lesson 6: Facebook Product Catalog (1)

Getting to know Facebook Product Catalog.

Lesson 7: Facebook Product Catalog (2)

Applying those strategies in Facebook Product Catalog to boost the sales performance.

Lesson 8: Google Analytics and Tracking optimization

Getting to know how to use the website data analysis to restructure performance marketing strategy.

Course Tutor

Ms. Twinkle Chan

Master of Business, University of Warwick, U. K

Ms. Twinkle Chan obtained the qualification as a Master of Business in the University of Warwick in the UK. Since graduation, she already works in 4As company, doing digital marketing for numerous international famous brands. The eye-catching performance made her be promoted as the team manager in a short period of time, leading the new marketer to purses excellence. Also, Twinkle Chan has obtained a few Google Ads Certificate. She also has a lot of practical experience and professional knowledge.

Mr. Jason Liu

Bachelor of Business Administration, City University of Hong Kong

Mr. Jason Liu has been working in the digital marketing field since he graduated. Currently, he is the Senior Performance Manager in one of the 4As company. He has 8 years of experience in an agency firm, closely worked with different scales of companies and they are in different industries. After exploring different marketing plans in the different areas, he has also established his own philosophy of marketing strategy for different industries. Jason not just specialized in the marketing skills of different platforms, but also the application of Google Analytics and other related platforms.

Mr. Nero Lam

Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr. Nero Lam has been working in digital marketing company in past 8 years. He has fruitful performance marketing experience and works as worked as a marketing manager in various large international companies and he is good at social media promotion. Nero can teach practically and apply professional knowledge to the campus, making it easier for students to understand the concept of performance marketing and to give a practical chance to all the students to consolidate what they learn from the lesson.