“First” QF Level 4 course in the industry

“First” QF Level 4 course in the industry which is run by the private sector

Digital Marketing Knowledge & skills

SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Mobile marketing, Email Marketing, GA

Small Class Size

Interactive classroom makes learning more effective and enjoyable

Professional Certificate issued by the leading institution in the industry

Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable courses regconized by OCEF.

Master the skills in short time

It takes only 30 hours to master it

Flexible make-up class arrangement

Let us know in advance to make-up the classes missed

Practical Experience

Lecturers are committed to passing on their precious experience and knowledge detailedly to our learners

The essence of “Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing” Course

The time is changing, the website-based new media has changed the history of our era, and has created a new model for the development in the new century. Have you ever imagined a Twitter / WeChat post could stir up a storm in seconds? How is the digital social media affecting everyone? The conventional mindsets and values are challenged unprecedentedly.

In the digital marketing field, traditional media tools are outdated for marketing promotion. In the digital era, people from all industries are eager to dig out the secret of optimizing marketing campaigns with digital media. As a renowned digital marketing agency, AD-Linkage Limited has designed the “Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing” Course to equip students with digital marketing hands-on experience and the latest technology news.

The course content is all-around and attempts to deliver the covered topics in a lucid way. Through showcasing Display Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Management, E-Commerce, Online Shopping / Payment Systems, O2O and Group Buying, students can learn about the features, benefits, strategies, the know-how of these digital marketing solutions.

With the practical trial, students can also utilize the basic skills and strategies of digital marketing, and learn to master the best digital marketing models. As a result, students will be able to establish and execute online digital marketing campaigns.

Target Participants

Participants can be University student, entry to middle level executives or even start-up and SME who are new to marketing, with a particular interest on learning how to expand business and engage customers through digital medium.


The programme will be delivered in Cantonese, and the course material will be in English.


Upon completion of the course, if the student attended 70 % of the lectures and passed in the examination, he/she will be given a “PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE IN PRACTICAL DIGITAL MARKETING”.

Unit1 - Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, and E-mail Marketing

  • Latest Digital Marketing Trends
  • Common Digital Marketing platforms in the Commercial Market
  • EDM System
  • Effective EDM Title and Content Composition

Unit2 - Website Development and E-Commerce

  • Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting
  • Website Structure
  • Relationship between Website and Online Marketing
  • Guidelines for creating effective web content
  • The best practices for developing a landing page

Unit3 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • The difference between SEM and SEO
  • Common SEM Jargon
  • Keyword Suggestion Tools
  • Advertisement Quality Score
  • The Relevancy of Quality Score, Bid Price and Ad Ranking

Unit4 - Practical Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Account Setting and Operation
  • Bid Management
  • Keyword Selection
  • Ads Composition
  • How to improve the quality score for decreasing the bid price
  • Data Analysis of System

Unit5 - Content Marketing, Big Data and YouTube Marketing

  • Content Marketing Trends and Success Cases
  • Synergy of Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media
  • Analysis and application of Big Data
  • Steps for Creating a Video Ad Campaign

Unit6 - Practical Facebook and Instagram Marketing

  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • How to target your target audience accurately
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads Format
  • Ads Policy and Restriction

Unit7 - Practical Facebook and Instagram Marketing 2

  • Introduction and Installation of Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Re-targeting
  • Facebook Practice session
  • Instagram marketing with hashtag
  • Difference between Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing

Unit8 - Display and Mobile Marketing

  • Display Ad Formats and Networks
  • How to target your target audience accurately
  • Performance Analysis
  • Mobile Ad Networks and Formats

Unit9 - Practical Google Analytics (GA)

  • How to integrate the online marketing strategy with data analysis
  • Google Analysis (GA) Installation
  • The Best Practices of Web Analysis

Unit10 - Online Shopping and Online Payment

  • Online shopping and O2O
  • Online Payment Methods
  • Hong Kong Online Shopping Market
  • Successful Cases of Effective Online Shop designs
Mr Horace LUI

Young, energetic, and innovative, Mr. Horace Lui has attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics at University of Leicester. In addition, he is also a qualified Google Partner and Google Educator. As a knowledgeable and experienced Business Development Executive of a renowned digital marketing agency, Mr Lui has been working as a professional in the digital marketing for years, with strong expertise in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Marketing, Google Display Networks (GDN) Banner Ads, and Forum Seeding, etc. He has collaborated with famous brands like Eco Ring, Esprit, The Groom Shoes Repair & Polish, etc. With lecturing experience specializing in Practical Training, Mr Lui is undoubtedly an outstanding lecturer who is best known for his humorous, interactive, vivid teaching style. He always uses real life examples to inspire students, adjusts his teaching methods according to the students’ needs, and equip students with precise, practical digital marketing skills through digital marketing trial campaigns.


Ms.TAM has 15-years extensive working experience in digital marketing, product management and business development, with strong specialities in digital marketing, e-commerce and ICT. She is an all-rounded marketing professional with acute business sense and has gained the best management practices and market inspirations from the top brands and leading MNCs such as HKT, SmarTone, PCCW Media, Yahoo! Asia, Siemens, TVB International and CSL. She is an ICT, telecom and Internet veteran in innovation as she has worked closely with sales, marketing, product and technical teams for delivering business KPIs and revenue target. Ms.TAM has degrees in Computer Science and MBA from UCLA and Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has 15-year lecturing, programme design and course development experience, and has been teaching Digital Marketing and E-Commerce in leading educational institutions to share her knowledge and working experience.