Hygiene and health risk management in Classroom

To lower the risk from gathering during the coronavirus, the following preventive measures will be implemented:

  1. Access control, handles, desks & chairs are cleaned with 1:99 bleach
  2. Automatic sanitizing sprayer is installed in the classroom. It sprays aerosol disinfectant every half an hour.
  3. Distance learning arrangement: The class(es) might change to online teaching if the epidemic situation becomes severe

Do’s and Don’ts in the classroom:

  1. Measure temperature upon arrival
  2. Sanitized your hands with alcohol-based hand rub every time before entering the classroom
  3. Wear a mask throughout the class
  4. No eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom
  5. Seek medical advice as ASAP if you have a fever, cold, or any upper respiratory infection symptoms (Such as cough, sore throat, running nose, etc.)

The purpose of the above measures is to create a healthy environment in which students can attend the lecture safely. We hopes that all the students will abide by the above regulations and work together to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Students should pay attention to our special arrangements for epidemic prevention and we shall continuously update these on our website.