Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing

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The digital marketing landscape is moving faster than ever before, the emergence of the Internet has drastically changed the way people live and interact with each other in the business. Some traditional marketing strategies are now completely outdated, others have been deeply transformed, and new digital marketing strategies are continuously emerging with its effectiveness in generating brand awareness, performance and sales revenue, with affordable cost, precise targeting, accurate and thorough reporting.

Throughout this course, participants can get a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing and advertising solutions. They can learn the features, benefits, strategies, know-how and market trends of website management, e-commerce, online shopping, O2O, group buy, display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing, supporting with business applications, real life cases and hands-on experiences. From business perspectives, they are product design, advertising, marketing & sales, word-of- mouth, CS and PR. Participants can learn how to foster new kinds of business and revenue model. From the practical point of views, participants can start utilizing the knowledge after this course and developing digital marketing strategies and managing campaigns for their organizations.

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  • To learn the fundamental features, benefits and know-how of managing website, display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing solutions.
  • To grasp the digital marketing best practices with the support of business applications and real life cases.
  • To equip the participants with the skill sets and hands-on experience for developing and executing online marketing campaigns.
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Participants can be student, entry to middle level executives or even start-up and SME who are new to marketing, with a particular interest on learning how to expand business and engage customers through digital medium.

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Participants shall have basic knowledge in computer and Internet operations.

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The programme will be delivered in Cantonese, and the course material will be in English.

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A minimum of 7 out of 10 sessions is required for satisfactory completion of a course. Students must also obtain at least 50% in the final examination of a course.

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A student who has satisfied all the requirements will be awarded the Professional Certificate in Practical Digital Marketing.



Class 1 – Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Overview
  • Overview of e-commerce and digital marketing in Hong Kong
  • Online advertising terminologies and key performance metrics
  • Brief walkthrough of digital marketing formats and e-commerce classifications
Class 2 – Website Development and E-commerce
  • Website development and content management
  • Website best practices, business model and revenue model
  • Content management, security and online payment
Class 3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics
  • Introduction to SEO and SEM
  • Why SEO?
  • 10 ways for SEO optimization
  • Google Analytics (GA) basics and website performance monitoring
Class 4 – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • SEM features, benefits, ad guidelines, pricing and ad ranking
  • Google AdWords campaign set up, ad writing, keyword selection and budget
  • CPC bidding and quality score
  • SEM campaign operation, reporting, monitoring and optimization
Class 5 – SEM and Email Marketing


  • Top search engines brands – Yahoo, Google and Baidu
  • Search engine market share and business model
  • Search engine campaign showcases

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing DOs and DON’Ts
  • Design and craft your email
  • Write effective subject line and content for eDM
  • Key performance metrics
Class 6 – Display Advertising


  • Overview of display advertising and ad network
  • Display ad formats, ad rates and showcases
  • Ad Serving and key performance metrics
Class 7 – Mobile Marketing
  • Overview of mobile marketing and ad network
  • Mobile ad formats, ad rates and showcases
  • Mobile responsive website, apps and mobility solutions
Class 8 – Online Shopping, O2O and Group Buy

Online Shopping & O2O

  • HK online shopping market overview and insights
  • Critical success factors
  • Top 10 ways for optimization and conversion
  • Online shopping and O2O showcases

Group Buy

  • Business model
  • Key group buy sites review and strategy
  • Products and services to sell
  • Group buy showcases
Class 9 – Social Media, Facebook and Youtube Marketing
  • Overview of social media marketing in Hong Kong
  • Facebook marketing basics, Fan Page creation, advertising & promotion
  • Youtube marketing basics, brand channel, analytics and showcases
Class 10 – Digital Marketing Summary and Market Trend
  • Digital marketing integration and market trend
  • Digital marketing news updates and campaign showcases
  • Digital marketing plan and career prospects

Dates and Time

Tuesday and Thursday
17, 19, 24, 26 January;
2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21 February 2017
6:45 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.

Deadline for Application

10 January 2017

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee: HK$6,000


2/F Eton Tower, 8 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.



Eligibility for CEF Subsidy

Eligible applicants will be reimbursed 80% of their fees, subject to a maximum sum of HK$10,000, on successful completion of a reimbursable course.

Persons who:

  • are Hong Kong residents or holders of one-way permits from Mainland China;
  • have enrolled in and paid the tuition fee for a reimbursable course before the course commences; and
  • are aged from 18 to 65 at the time of application and on seeking reimbursement of their fees.
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Christina has over 15-year extensive working experience in marketing, product management and business development, with strong specialties in digital marketing, e-commerce and Information & Communications Technology. She is a well round marketing professional with acute business sense and gained the best management practices and market inspirations from the top bands and leading MNCs such as PCCW Media, Yahoo! Asia, JCDecaux Pearl & Dean, Siemens, TVB International, SmarTone, CSL and HKT. She is an ICT, telecom and Internet veteran in innovation as she works closely with sales, marketing, product and technical teams for delivering business KPI and revenue target.

Christina has degrees in Computer Science and MBA from UCLA and Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has over 15-year of lecturing, programme design and course development experience and has been teaching Digital Marketing, Electronic Commerce and Management Project in leading educational institutions for sharing her latest knowledge and management experience.


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